Why choose environmentally friendly products?


Green cleaning products are an effective solution for the cleaning and maintenance of your premises. Indeed, thanks to the progress in testing laboratories today, these labeled products prove to be just as effective as standard products, and also help preserve the environment. For this reason, and in line with our CSR strategy, La Providence recommends the use of these environmentally friendly products along with specific cleaning techniques for areas where cleanliness is essential.



A product holds a label. A green product is considered as one that has a lower negative impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the packaging and shipping of the product, from its intended use to its disposal.

To ensure that cleaning products have a low ecological footprint, green labels guarantee that the products are safe in terms of health and environmental impact.

NF Environment


Created in 1991, the NF Environment Label certifies that a product meets high ecological standards and has limited ecological impact throughout its life cycle, from manufacture to disposal.


This French eco-label is issued by the AFNOR and is achieved by complying with specific criteria set by industry representatives, consumer and environmental protection associations, and suppliers.


Such criteria include, among others, the following:

•             No substances hazardous to health or the environment

•             Biodegradable

•             Easily recyclable

•             Effective

•             Eco-friendly packaging

European Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is probably the most widespread certification in the cleaning world. It was created in 1992 and is the only official European certification. It is used throughout the EU and is achieved by fulfilling 29 mandatory and 61 optional criteria, which result in a ranking from 1 to 4 for each criterion.

The criteria are similar to those required by NF Environnement, such as the absence of dangerous substances, the limitation of pollution during production or the use of recycled packaging.


Ecocert is a French label created in 1991 and which provides a specific certification to companies that have a positive social and environmental impact. This label is awarded to several types of products, including detergents and organic farming products.

It notably certifies products that respect biodiversity, use recyclable packaging, are GMO & dye free, and are produced according to specific manufacturing & transformation processes that are respectful of health and the planet.

To sum up, we can say that an ecological cleaning product must be effective, health-friendly, biodegradable and mindful of the resources it uses in its making.



A study conducted by the French Regional Centre for River Education has shown that there are now ecological cleaning products that perform as well as standard products, but with less negative impact to both health and the environment.

It has even been proven that some natural products such as Terre de Sommières or baking soda are much more effective in cleaning than the so-called "traditional " products.

Ecological products are therefore as effective, if not more so, than chemical or non eco-labelled cleaning products sold in supermarkets.


To protect the environment


As mentioned previously, certified green cleaning products are not only as effective as chemical products, but they also preserve the environment, from their manufacturing to their use and disposal, by strictly complying with the standards required by the various labels.

Some companies wish to go further in this environmental approach and choose to adopt an advanced policy in terms of sustainable development and environmental preservation. This approach can lead to the implementation of a waste recovery system directly on site, with sorting bins for example. La Providence has set up such a system at its headquarters and at several of its clients premises.

This environmental approach may also take the form of new digitisation processes, aimed in particular at reducing paper consumption, but also at using technology for operational purposes such as updating key information in real time like product datasheets, sharing video tutorials on good practice, or monitoring the schedule of our cleaning staff.

These various initiatives are part of the global CSR strategy that La Providence has been implementing for several years now.

To preserve health


To avoid inhaling and handling harmful substances, La Providence employees use eco-labelled cleaning products. This helps to improve their working conditions and prevent allergic reactions and irritation of the eyes, throat or skin caused by chemicals.

In addition, the use of environmentally friendly products also protects the health of the occupants on our clients' premises, by limiting air pollution. This improves working conditions for all, while ensuring effective cleaning and disinfection against the spread of bacteria or viruses such as COVID-19.

Nowadays, it is essential for a cleaning company to embrace an eco-friendly approach and to train its staff in greener practices in order to preserve the environment and their health.

At La Providence, our CSR policy aims to respond to the urgent need to protect our planet in the best possible way, and we comply with clear and simple environmental guidelines at all our clients' sites on a daily basis.

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Why choose environmentally friendly products?


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