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Prevention and destruction of pests

Pest control by La Providence specialises in pest prevention and elimination, providing rat, insect and pigeon extermination and sanitation services, ensuring your premises remain hygienic so that your teams can perform at their best in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Pests multiply quickly in a short space of time, and their presence is often detected late. So it's essential to set up prevention methods in order to stop them flourishing and damaging your premises.

La Providence Pest control

An offer tailored to your needs

Our teams have a culture of excellence, responding to all your requirements on a daily basis.

We adapt and personalise our services in order to better meet your needs. Expertise, thoroughness and efficiency are the watchwords at the heart of our Pest control service culture.

We are committed to deploying all our resources in people and equipment to detect and exterminate pests, while providing you with tailored advice to improve your prevention strategy and help you fight pests in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way that complies with our CSR policy.

You can of course choose our Pest control service package alongside our other Cleanliness, Eden, Palace or Gardens and Terraces services. We aim to provide a range of services to meet your needs and expectations

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