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Digital transformation has changed the service profession ecosystem. Companies today have expressed a growing need to recruit profiles capable of bridging the gap between highly specialised professions.

It's in this context that La Providence decided to set up a digital department to interface between the different operational and commercial teams.

Our current goal is to support our employees by providing them with the tools to help them complete their daily tasks, while becoming more reactive to our customers' needs.

La Providence's Digital strategy focuses on ensuring the day-to-day maintenance of our clients' premises to make the lives of the men and women who pass through them easier. Our "scanner" solution with NFC (near field communication) tagging, for example, lets people know when we're coming to clean the toilet facilities. So we no longer need to put up cleaning schedule sheets on the toilet doors. This is all part of our CSR policy to reduce our paper consumption.

We also try to monitor the well-being of employees with our solution of bathroom supply distributor sensors that send a notification to the employee's smartphone when soap or toilet paper is running out. This solution allows employees to intervene more effectively and prevents our clients from receiving complaints.

This is one of many solutions that La Providence has up and running.

We offer customised projects tailored to the client's needs.

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