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Immo+ by La Providence is a special property caretaker service we offer our different clients, from social landlords and co-ownership syndicates to property specialists. Our role is to oversee the surveillance of buildings and common spaces, identify requirements and communicate different feedback regarding life in the residence.

We discreetly deploy our teams according to a precise schedule of tasks that includes opening the doors, taking out the bins, welcoming visitors and cleaning the common spaces. At the same time every day the post is sorted and distributed to the residents or companies, a task that requires a good understanding of the life of the building and its occupants.

The building caretaker ensures that the rules of a multiple dwelling or housing complex are followed. He oversees and coordinates the services provided for the residents, owners and renters.

Tasks vary depending on the building: The caretakers make sure the doors are opened and closed, provide visitors with information, and help collect and distribute post into the individual letter boxes. They are also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the common spaces. Their physical presence provides added security both for the building and the community facilities. They make sure the community rules are respected and take down any complaints in order to pass them on to the syndicate or co-owners.

A presence concentrated in Paris and the Île-de-France region

With over 100 caretakers and property employees across Paris and the Ile de France, each day Immo+ helps spread the ever-present values of versatility, service mindset, discretion and friendliness.

We guarantee the provision of daily services that leave residents with a sense of security and well-being

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