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irise : "We lend our vision to your image"

The cleaning solution for banks

Irise by La Providence offers a range of services for banking, retail and commercial property, specialising in the audit and maintenance of your image across your entire regional or national network. 

Every month, Irise handles over 8000 ATMs across the national network, while looking after your brand environment and signage to help you permanently maintain your brand image.  

Irise offers cleaning, deployment and maintenance (security, legal or information) services, allowing you to guarantee a perfect image while complying with standards.

a national implementation

Need to prepare a site inventory of your France-wide national network, in order to measure quality and ensure compliance from Lille to Marseille?

Want to get an objective and transparent evaluation carried out by an independent third party?

Then get in touch! We capitalise on our presence throughout France and use our connected devices to organise short notice information gathering campaigns.

La Providence cleaning IT equipment

Cleaning of servers and IT equipment

Irise also carries out preventative maintenance and offers IT equipment cleaning services. We have expanded the range of traditional cleaning services and deploy dedicated teams that use customised cleaning methods and specific products.

Irise has its own service organisation with specialised employees that roam up and down the network and receive constant training to efficiently respond to any call-out.

Our employees are versatile, experienced and responsive, three values we can lend your brand image.

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