La Providence offers timeless quality services for prestigious and well-known clients.

With 14 agencies in Paris and Ile de France, as well as 4 in the provinces, La Providence maintains and cleans more than 4 million square meters every day and offers a range of tailor-made services to its customers.

Born in the hotel industry in 1961, La Providence differentiates itself on the industrial cleaning market by recruiting teams from the service industry, especially the hotel industry. We maintain head offices, luxury boutiques, theaters ... like a hotel, with site managers with the profile of hotel managers. With more than 850 clients, La Providence has been able to set up a real corporate hotel offer.

From landscaping to pest control, including mail management, reception, small maintenance and event room management, La Providence provides cleanliness services and a range of personalized services to its customers.

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers, and to offer occupants a pleasant work space.

Our services have a real impact on the quality of life at work (QWL) and are a key factor of well-being at work. It is in this sense that, in addition to our cleaning services, we set up "well-being at work" services by organizing eco-responsible events.

Reactivity, Proximity, Spirit of service, these values have always accompanied all of our employees who strive to provide excellence. Thanks to innovation, and with the help of digital technology, we provide our teams with new solutions to be even more reactive on a daily basis with our customers.

From the Cleaning Agent to the Executive, we all are Ambassadors of the La Providence brand.


100 million euros in sales

3 850 collaborateurs

850 clients



-Can you introduce AAF La Providence in a few words?

La Providence is a service company specialized in cleaning. We employ more than 3 800 people and have a turnover of over 100 million euros. We work with prestigious clients in specific sectors such as luxury hotels, head offices, retail and the world of culture and leisure. 

Our company, created in 1961, has remained on a human scale, and thanks to its agility, is constantly adapting to the needs of our clients.


Reactivity, a spirit of service, proximity, and a desire for innovation are the key words that drive the daily work of our employees in the service of our customers..

-How to choose a good cleaning company these days?

With several thousand cleaning companies listed in France, we understand the difficulty for general service managers and buyers to choose the right partner. Three types of companies are present on the market: international groups, medium-sized companies and craftsmen.

It is important for each decision-maker to find a partner who has a good reputation in the market and who understands the needs of the customers.

What is your positioning in the French cleaning market?

With a Premium positioning and segmentation, we are a company on a human scale, which makes offers customized to the needs of customers. Our sales teams, most of whom are former operational staff, have a perfect understanding of our customers' issues. They systematically carry out an audit of the current services and propose specifications and a tailor-made offer to each of our customers. We have to be a force of proposal at the organizational level, at the level of management and innovations (CSR & Digital...).

We also suggest to our clients to share certain services with the Cleaning Department, by introducing a management approach from the hotel industry, which improves the daily life and well-being of the occupants and our employees. 

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