La Providence offers timeless quality services for prestigious and well-known clients.

With 16 agencies in Paris and Ile de France, as well as 5 in the provinces, La Providence maintains and cleans more than 4 million square meters every day and offers a range of tailor-made services to its customers.

Born in the hotel industry in 1961, La Providence differentiates itself on the industrial cleaning market by recruiting teams from the service industry, especially the hotel industry. We maintain head offices, luxury boutiques, theaters ... like a hotel, with site managers with the profile of hotel managers. With more than 900 clients, La Providence has been able to set up a real corporate hotel offer.

From landscaping to pest control, including mail management, reception, small maintenance and event room management, La Providence provides cleanliness services and a range of personalized services to its customers.

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers, and to offer occupants a pleasant work space.

Our services have a real impact on the quality of life at work (QWL) and are a key factor of well-being at work. It is in this sense that, in addition to our cleaning services, we set up "well-being at work" services by organizing eco-responsible events.

Reactivity, Proximity, Spirit of service, these values have always accompanied all of our employees who strive to provide excellence. Thanks to innovation, and with the help of digital technology, we provide our teams with new solutions to be even more reactive on a daily basis with our customers.

From the Cleaning Agent to the Executive, we all are Ambassadors of the La Providence brand.

La Providence cleaning theater


La Providence turnover

120 millions euros in sales

La Providence employees

5 000 employees

La Providence clients

900 clients

La Providence branches

16 branches in the Île-de-France region
in the rest of France

La Providence parity

56% women

44% men

La Providence clients loyalty

Average clients loyalty : 10 years

La Providence daily work

38% of our employees work during the day

La Providence average age

The average age is
47 years old

La Providence recommendation rate

Recommendation rate: 92%

Source : 2023 customer satisfaction survey



La Providence photo Joao Ramos

Can you introduce AAF La Providence in a few words?

La Providence is a service company specialized in Cleaning. With a solid presence in the luxury hotel sector since 1961, we are proud to be one of the most renowned cleaning companies in the French capital, with annual sales of 120 million euros.

With a dedicated team of over 5,000 experienced agents, we serve prestigious customers in the luxury, head office, retail, cultural and leisure sectors. We are committed to providing cleaning services that meet the highest quality standards.


At La Providence, we see cleanliness not simply as a responsibility, but as a perpetual commitment to excellence and innovation, shaped by cooperation and customer satisfaction. Every surface cleaned, every space reinvented, is the result of our deep-rooted values.

How to choose a good cleaning company these days?

On prestigious sites like those we maintain, where cleanliness is paramount, the choice of a cleaning company is an essential decision that directly influences the quality of your environment.

At La Providence, we understand the importance of this selection. Firstly, experience counts. A well-established cleaning company like ours brings in-depth expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

What's more, a company's reputation often speaks for itself. The trust our customers have placed in us is a testament to our expertise and the quality of our services. Finally, a good cleaning company in 2024 is one that is sustainable and innovative; we're constantly on the lookout for environmentally-friendly solutions and cutting-edge technologies to ensure efficient, long-lasting cleaning.

In the end, it's all about finding a company that precisely meets your expectations and those of an increasingly demanding industry.

How are you positioned in the French waste management market?

La Providence is one of the Premium companies in the French cleaning market. We are recognized as a major player in the sector, thanks to our ability to deeply understand the specific needs of our customers, but also thanks to our hotel expertise, which we have been cultivating for over 60 years. Our teams, made up largely of former operational staff, add significant value to the quality of our services.

In short, our positioning is based on a combination of a high-end approach, in-depth customer understanding and excellent know-how, positioning La Providence as a trusted partner and a leader in the French cleaning sector.

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