Cleanliness is at the heart of everything we do at La Providence. From daily premises maintenance and refurbishment of spaces, to window cleaning and mechanised washing, we offer our clients high-quality services to adequately meet their expectations and site standards. 

Our teams strive to provide our clients with the five fundamental values of excellence, thoroughness, commitment, organisation and expertise, whether they're operating in company headquarters, concert halls, luxury hotels, retail spaces, or residential or commercial buildings. We are at our clients' disposal day in, day out, constantly striving to bring them a better level of service.

To make this happen, we always try to use the very latest equipment that meets our standards in terms of CSR and technology. Working with our partners, we use self-washers that allow us to control the amount of water used, environmentally-friendly batteries, and of course ecological products that meet our sustainable development objectives.

Our employees are qualified in all the latest cleaning techniques, having taken public training courses or programmes run by our highly experienced coaches.

Our managers come straight from cleaning and hotel schools, possessing an eye for detail and a customer relationship mindset that allows us to stand out from the competition. Our client managers all operate in their own specific geographic regions so that they're closer to their clients and are able to consistently respond to their needs and requests.

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