"La Providence: At our customers' service"

Give us a brief overview of La Providence.

La Providence is a cleaning service specialist. We employee over 4,800 people and generate an annual turnover of more than €94 million. We work for prestigious clients in specific industries such as luxury, retail, culture and leisure, in premises that range from palaces to head offices.

Founded in 1961, our company has remained on a human scale and is versatile enough to constantly adapt to our customers' needs. 

What are the company values?

Responsiveness, a service mindset, proximity and a desire to innovate. These are the watchwords that encourage our employees to help our customers day in, day out.

How do you choose a good cleaning company these days?

With several thousands of cleaning companies currently active in France, we understand the challenges faced by corporate service directors and buyers when it comes to choosing the right partner. There are three types of companies on the market: International groups, medium-sized companies and tradespeople.

Every decision-maker needs to find a partner with a good market reputation that understands the client's needs. 

Where do you position yourself on the French cleaning market?

We are a human-size company with a premium positioning and segmentation, offering personalised services tailored to the client's needs. The majority of our sales teams are made up of former operations workers who fully understand the client's challenges. They carry out a full audit of current services and provide each of our clients with a project specification and a tailor-made service package.  We aim to offer service proposals that are effective and comprehensive, not only on an organisational level, but in terms of management and innovation (CSR & Digital, etc.).

We also suggest to our clients that some departments be pooled with the Cleaning Department by setting up management drawn from the hotel industry, thus improving the daily lives and the welfare of the occupants and our employees. 

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